Your Mind

Ken West
1 min readJul 22, 2023

A marvelous device for thinking and…

Colorful and stylized image of a human head.
Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

It’s what you think, dream, and plan with.

It’s your mind.

There are various schools of thought about where it is.

But for my money, it’s between your ears.

Your brain is what processes thought, all the stuff that clatters and bangs around in your head.

You’re a combination of mind and body working together to get you going in whatever direction you choose.

Your thoughts are processed by chemical and electrical activity in your brain.

It’s really a marvelous device for thinking.

And with your body… doing!

Body and mind.

Mind and body.

That’s you.

“What about my soul,” you might ask.

It’s in there!

It’s the sum of your living consciousness, your most valuable possession — essentially, it’s You!

You are your soul.

It’s the entire package of your being.

Body and Mind.

They work together to create whatever future you seek.

It takes work backed by thinking and action.

Your mind needs action.

That’s why you have a body — to get things done!

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