Who Owns Tomorrow?

Ken West
2 min readMay 18, 2022


You do!

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We are the tomorrow people, who own yesterday and today.

We are the doers, the planners, the dreamers who convert thoughts into things.

We are the future.

But what is “tomorrow,” that magic place that hopefully exists for all of us?

Tomorrow doesn’t really exist until it happens.

Nevertheless, tomorrow is real.

Each of us inherits tomorrow to the extent of our ability to plan, envision what could be, and do something about it.

Those who dream of a better tomorrow but do nothing about it today, fantasize instead of plan.

They dream but don’t do what’s necessary to achieve that dream. (At various times in my life, I’ve been guilty of this. Maybe you have too.)

Those who live only for today, ignoring the past and never planning for the future, end up blindsided by tomorrow.

We are a combination of three things: our yesterdays, our today, and our envisioned tomorrows.

We’re beings who can plan for tomorrow while living today, enlightened by our yesterdays.

We are the planners, dreamers, and doers.

We who dream, plan, and do today, inherit tomorrow.

We build it.

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