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You’re alive on a planet of possibility…

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

It only comes once.

Suddenly, you’re alive. You are born.

You grow up.

You function. You learn. You do things.

You marry — or not.

You have fun.

You get sick. You get well.

You are alive on a planet called Earth, which fortunately is at a perfect distance from its sun.

You also have a nice big moon visible at night.

And if you ever go to the moon, you’ve got the added benefit of looking at the big blue sphere of Earth at night.

Pretty cool, this thing called “life.”

But sooner or later you face the reality that it will end for you someday.


Then, you can do one of two things: Either worry about it or live!… Make the best of whatever time you have.

It’s life. It’s messy. It’s nice.

It is what it is.

It’s really quite amazing.

In a seemingly dead universe, you are alive.

You’re living matter.

You’ve got a mind.

You can use it. You can have fun. You can take educated guesses.

You create. You produce. You live.


Then, after you’re gone, whatever you produced in the living world will have the possibility of lasting beyond you… Especially if you’re a writer, a poet, an inventor, an entrepreneur, an artist, or a practitioner of any creative enterprise, large or small.

What you create, lives beyond your life span.

It’s yet another reason to live the best life possible.

Ken West is the author of Your Life Zones, a book about the 31 areas of life that help you live the best life possible.



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