How to Turn Your Writing into a Business

Ken West
2 min readAug 6, 2023
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Here are three insightful articles with detailed, actionable information to help you monetize your writing.

1. How To Create a Profitable Writing Business That Reflects Your Unique Personality by Jon Brosio

“Think about this for a moment… You have access to the internet, you’re able to read, you’re living in the most prosperous time in human history, you’ve been able to build a community of people that love and support you.

“On top of all of that — you have unique gifts that are going to help out others navigate their own lives.

“The only problem: you don’t know how to provide those gifts to the people looking for them. Moreover, you don’t know how to package and ship those gifts in an enterprising way…” — Jon Brosio

Brosio then details who, what, when, why, and how to create a writing business.

Click here for Brosio’s article on Medium.

2. How To Monetize Your Expertise by Josh Spector

Spector offers six practical questions that can help you define what you intend to do. He also offers a plethora of actionable writing and business advice in his free “For the Interested” newsletter. His emails are always worth opening.

“To monetize your expertise, you must get clear on what you know, its value, and who can benefit from it.

“The following six questions will help you figure that out so you can create value for your customers, clients, and yourself…” — Josh Spector

Click here for Spector’s article.

3. You Have $100,000 Of Knowledge Trapped In Your Brain by Dan Koe

If you want a comprehensive, big-picture view on how to monetize what you know, Dan Koe is your man. His free newsletter is packed with insights and actionable ideas. He’s the real deal.

“Attention isn’t the new currency.

Information is.

Information is what we process with attention.

That’s all humans really do.

We process, store, and use information to create or destroy.

I’d like to believe that the unconscious, evolution-aligned intent behind modern technology, like social media, was to allow us as humans to gain access to information we wouldn’t normally have. Thus increasing our potential in life.”

Click here to read the entire issue.


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