Homeland Insecurity on the Border with Mexico

Ken West
2 min readJan 29, 2023

From Calexico, California to Yuma, Arizona, and El Paso, Eagle Pass, Zepeda, McAllen, and Brownsville, Texas, border chaos reigns.

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Homeland Insecurity on Border with Mexico

It’s chaos on our southern border.

Many farmers and ranchers have set up their own security.

It took President Joe Biden two years to make it down to the southern border.

Problem was, there weren’t any migrants there at the time of Biden’s visit in El Paso, Texas.

At the beginning of his presidency, he tasked Vice President Kamala Harris to be his “point person” for border security.

Instead, she went to Guatemala and Mexico to plead for migrants to stay home.

They didn’t listen.

Meanwhile, for the last two years all along the border, from Calexico, California to Yuma and Nogales, Arizona, and into El Paso, Eagle Pass, Zepeda, McAllen, and Brownsville, Texas, border chaos reigns.

Here’s some of what’s happening along the border now:

Calexico, California Declares State of Emergency — “The Calexico City Council unanimously approved a resolution declaring a state of emergency resulting from the release of groups of asylum seekers onto the city’s streets…” Read the full story on The Calexico Chronicle…

Nogales, Arizona, “More Fentanyl Seized in Three Months than 2022 Fiscal Year.” “Nogales Port of Entry Director Michael Humphries stated Monday that more fentanyl had been seized at his port in three months than in the entirety of the 2022 fiscal year (FY).

Yuma, Arizona on brink of collapse after migrant crisis toll — Officials in an Arizona border town say they get a weekly flood of migrants totaling 6% of their population — and the dire scenario has driven the area to the brink of collapse.

Yuma has fewer than 100,000 residents, yet the town sees 6,000 migrants illegally crossing its border with Mexico every week, for a total of more than half a million people in the past few years, exasperated Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines told Fox News.

“The average for Yuma on a weekly basis is 6,000 people coming across. Of those 6,000, we have 1,000 to 2,000 ‘gotaways’ — people we have not been able to catch,” Lines said. More on this story here…

Back when Biden came to El Paso, Texas, he faced pleas for help on migrant crisis.

Time will tell if his administration does something meaningful.

Border security is a major focus on the new Republican slim majority in the House of Representative.

Let’s see if they can stem the tide of illegal crossings.

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