These books can expand your thinking and potentially change your life

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These ten books can expand your thinking and potentially change your life. All must be read with an active mind. (There are, of course, many other books that could qualify. Feel free to offer your suggestions. Let’s begin.

The God of the Machine by Isabel Paterson: What if you could understand the essential nature of the United States by analyzing it as if it were a machine? Paterson does this and much more.

Orality and Literacy: The Technologizing of the Word by Walter J. Ong: This book opens a window to the world of “orality,” the time before writing was…

The anti-pigeon crowd has hogged the limelight long enough. It’s time to speak up for the lowly pigeon.

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In cities across the world, pigeons have been getting bad press, accused of being “rats with wings,” pests whose droppings soil public monuments, sidewalks, and buildings.

Pigeon-haters resent having to share public parks and walkways with these allegedly dirty creatures. In the interest of fairness, however, let’s consider the pigeon from a loftier, more benevolent perspective.

The anti-pigeon crowd has hogged the limelight long enough. It’s time to speak up for the lowly pigeon.

City pigeons (Latin name Columba livia) are the direct descendants of “rock doves” which populated the wild cliffs and rocky ledges of Europe, Asia, Africa, and…

It’s where you gather vital knowledge that can empower all your efforts

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In my article of February 9th, “The Hidden Power of Your Comfort Zone: the 11 vital segments of your life,” I highlighted important nooks and crannies of your comfort zone.

Essentially, your comfort zone provides you with a safe place to rest, recuperate, and recharge your spirit.

It helps keep you alive!

This time, it’s time for you to enter Your Discovery Zone.

It’s the place from which you gather vital knowledge that can empower your efforts for achievement.

It includes places where you can invest in yourself.

Let’s look at the nine components of your discovery zone, one by…

The 11 vital segments of your life

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Last time, in an article published in The Innovation, I introduced “Life Zones.”

From these Zones, you live, work, and enjoy the rewards of a productive life.

They are:

1) Your Comfort Zone: It’s where you rest and recharge your body, mind, and spirit.

2) Your Discovery Zone: This is where you learn things, meet new people, and discover the hidden nooks and crannies of possibility.

3) Your Achievement Zone: It’s where you are fully engaged in the process of creation, production, and generating results.

It’s time to dig deeper into these “Zones” to see how you can benefit from…

It’s time to invest in yourself

Photo by Ken West — Bobby Orr Statue of Scoring a Goal — Boston, MA

With all that happened in 2020 — Covid-19, lockdowns, political chaos — it’s no wonder some of us are in a funk, wallowing in negativity and pessimism.

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

There’s a way to frame and handle events in your favor.

But first…

Forget politics!… at least for the short term.

It’s a lost cause while President Joe Biden dismantles and reverses former President Donald Trump’s accomplishments and initiatives.

Republicans lost control of the political agenda.

Democrats increasingly left-leaning, are in power.

They control the narrative and most of the media.

There’s nothing that you…

Tragedy of Donald Trump and Plan C

Photo by White House Photographer

Pretend you are Donald Trump. Despite your unconventional and sometimes inflammatory rhetoric, you accomplished many important things in your four years in office.

But somehow you lose the election for a second term. You were ahead in so many states. You were sure of victory. Your close aides agreed that you would win.

Then, as the vote-counting slogged on in various slower-moving states the next day, the tide turned against you.

Something went wrong.

How could this be?

You were a slam-dunk for a second term. That’s what your close aides told you.

But Republican pollsters had seen trouble brewing…

Here’s where you begin…

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You and I occupy three basic areas of life. Let’s call them Life Zones.

From these areas you live, work, and enjoy the rewards of living a productive life.

Your Life Zones are:

1. Your Comfort Zone

2. Your Discovery Zone

3. Your Achievement Zone

Each zone is necessary and important for a well-lived and balanced life.

  1. Let’s begin with your Comfort Zone.

Despite the bad reputation from many productivity gurus, it’s not only necessary, but vital to your health and well-being.

It includes your home, loved ones, and all manner of comforts.

It’s where you rest and recharge your…

We were on patrol in the central highlands of South Vietnam. Our job was to flush out North Vietnamese troops who were spotted in the area. Landing in a large clearing, we began our sweep across a field surrounded by dense trees and vegetation. Our M-16s were ready. Choppers flew overhead for reconnaissance.

As I walked past a small copse of trees near the middle of the field, my foot struck an object on the ground. I looked down. It was a human skull. I picked it up. It was clean to the bone like an exhibit in a children’s…

Should we “defund the police”?

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Imagine you’re a cop. You’re a good cop. You’re an asset to the community you serve. You know people and they know you. You walk your beat every day and sometimes on special occasions at night.

One day you’re walking your beat when you get a call from headquarters to come back to the station. When you arrive, you’re told that there’s been a serious incident in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Some cop kneeled on a suspect’s neck long enough to kill him. His fellow cops stood around and watched.

Your captain plays the YouTube video. It’s a horror scene as the…

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