The anti-pigeon crowd has hogged the limelight long enough. It’s time to speak up for the lowly pigeon.

Photo by sanjiv nayak on Unsplash

It’s where you gather vital knowledge that can empower all your efforts

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The 11 vital segments of your life

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It’s time to invest in yourself

Photo by Ken West — Bobby Orr Statue of Scoring a Goal — Boston, MA

Tragedy of Donald Trump and Plan C

Photo by White House Photographer

Photo by Caleb Ekeroth on Unsplash

Should we “defund the police”?

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Why it’s the secret of all success. What it is. How to get it.

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Ken West

How can you accelerate your passion, purpose, and talents? That’s my focus. Author of the books Capitalism WIIFM, Get What You Want, and Achieve Your Purpose.

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