21 Ways to Make the Leap to Your Unique, Creative, Entrepreneurial Soul and Discover Your Why

And How Crossroad Moments Can Set You Free

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Years ago, I lost my job. I was summarily fired.

I sent a silly and inappropriate email to “All Users” at my company.

The Outlook email popped up on the laptop of the Chairman and Founder of the company, who at that very moment was presenting to a group of senior executives for a potential client.

My email was projected from the laptop onto a big screen at the front of the conference room where the Chairman spoke.

The next day I was called into the office where the CEO was waiting for me.

“You’re fired, West!” said the Chief Executive Officer.

After collecting my belongings, they escorted me from the building.

Back then, I could have used the twenty-one questions presented below.

It might have saved me much time and angst.

But my firing did inspire me to write and publish my first book, Get What You Want.

That book was my effort to make sense of my life and decide what to do next — essentially, reinvent myself. (I understand from reader reviews that it helped others at important crossroads in their lives.)

I wish I had asked myself the following questions back then.

They may help you grab onto what is most urgent and meaningful.

You can discover or rediscover your own deeply personal reasons for what you do, and most want to do.

I hope you experience a surge of energy once you tap into your own unique, creative, entrepreneurial soul.

If possible, write down your answers. It’s worth the effort.

  1. What gets me excited about life? And why?
  2. Who inspires me? Why? (Ask yourself “Why?” after each question.)
  3. If I had a second life to live, what would I do differently?
  4. Why do I do the things I do?
  5. What makes me smile?
  6. What makes me happy?
  7. What pisses me off?
  8. What motivates me?
  9. What are my fondest memories?
  10. What one thing or achievement makes me the most satisfied?
  11. What am I most grateful for?
  12. If I could change the world, what would I change?
  13. What problems do I most want to solve?
  14. What moments from my life would I love to relive?
  15. What’s my weirdest or craziest desire?
  16. What’s the main reason I do the work (paid or unpaid) that I do?
  17. Who is the person (from the past or present) I would most like to emulate?
  18. If I had eight months to live yet still had my health, what would I do?
  19. What can I do in the next twenty minutes to begin moving toward what I want?
  20. What’s my next step?
  21. What is my Why?


Experience a legendary TED talk by Simon Sinek, “How great leaders inspire action, where he outlines the reasons why great leaders and their companies become great.

As individuals, you and I can use those same insights to create the best life possible and flourish.

When you pair those insights with your own deeply felt motivations, you’re on your way to wherever and whatever is most important and meaningful to you.

Feel free to respond and let me know your thoughts, insights, and ideas.

Meanwhile, I wish you the best.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay



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